the good times are killing me

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Kylie ♉ 20
I guess I am whoever you perceive me to be. Whether you think I'm a fool, a bum, a dreamer or a stoner, my guess is as good as yours


Guys I did it again.
I broke myself. Pretty bad again. Other foot though!

My ankle is completely fucked. I literally broke the entire thing in half. It looked pretty gnarly though. It was all zigzagged and everything. 

There’s something seriously wrong with my bones. I’m 20 and I’ve lost track of the amount of bones I’ve broken. I know it’s at least 14. For sure getting that checked out. Even my surgeon said my bones don’t seem like a normal 20 year old’s bones.

So I’ll be in this great freaking tiny hospital room until at least Wednesday. Luckily I have great friends that come visit. Seriously, they’ve been amazing. And also lucky I haven’t had a roommate most of yesterday and today. Though I’m sure that won’t last long.

I would say sorry for all the Haeckel spam

but I’m not sorry