the good times are killing me

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Kylie ♉ 20
I guess I am whoever you perceive me to be. Whether you think I'm a fool, a bum, a dreamer or a stoner, my guess is as good as yours

I would say sorry for all the Haeckel spam

but I’m not sorry

I live on a hill. You can’t just chop down all the nice large trees on it/surrounding it and expect everything to be ok.
What do you think is holding the soil together?

In such a great way!
Had an unexpected acid trip Friday with some amazing friends, none of whom I’ve tripped with before so it was a great new experience! We painted and played and then went to a lovely ABC party where I finished my trip by drinking which I no know to never ever do again because man did I get very drunk very fast. Too drunk actually, so the night did not end too well, seeing as my memory is very spotty. 
Then today was also very unexpected, but nonetheless amazing. I hopped on the rock climbing trip to Little Falls and had a glorious day hanging out in the sunshine at the crag with amazing people- and amazing dogs!